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Q:     Is the Midway Motel close to the Beach?

A:    It sure is. On Cape Cod, you're always close to the beach! The town of Eastham, where The Midway is located, is only 4 miles wide with the majestic beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the warm tranquil waters of Cape Cod bay on the other. And the Midway is mid-way in between them! Eastham also has three public beaches at two clean, warm, freshwater ponds; so there's something for everyone. All the beaches are easy to find; we will be happy to provide directions.

Q:     I love my dog; can she stay at the Midway too?

A:    We love dogs too; however, for the enjoyment and consideration of all our guests, you will need to board your pet at one of the excellent local kennels. Ask us for more information.

Q:    Do your rooms have telephones?

A:    Our rooms are intentionally phone-free, and we encourage you to resist the temptation to check your voice mail and just enjoy your hard-earned vacation! The Office will promptly deliver a message should someone need to contact you.

Q:     Does The Midway have a swimming pool?

A:     The Midway does not have a pool, but keep in mind that the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod bay, and two freshwater ponds are all literally just minutes away.

Q:     What's this bike trail I keep hearing about?

A:     The Cape Cod rail trail, so called because it occupies a former railroad bed, is a paved bike trail that runs for a total of 25 miles from Dennis to Wellfleet. It abuts The Midway's property, so access couldn't be more convenient. Read more about it and see a photo on our Area Activities page.

Q:      Do you have non-smoking rooms?

A:      Yes. In fact, all of our rooms, including the cottages and the Common Room, are non-smoking.

Q:     How close to my room can I park?

A:     The Midway has plenty of convenient parking and, with most of our rooms and the cottages, you can park right outside your door.

Q:     Do the beaches have lifeguards?


A:     The answer to this question varies beach to beach. Generally speaking, the beaches run by the National Seashore on the Atlantic side of Eastham have lifeguards and the town-run beaches on the bay side of the Eastham do not. The beaches at Great Pond have lifeguards and a roped-off swimming area.

Q:     Is there anywhere to eat nearby?


A:     There are plenty of places to eat in the area with a variety of menu offerings, and virtually all are locally owned and operated businesses, not fast food chains. There are very informal family places where you can either eat inside, or on an open porch, or on outside picnic tables. You can get anything from pizza and subs, to burgers, to fried clams, to seafood dinners. There are also more traditional sit-down dinner establishments, but they are still casual and comfortable. In our office, we have menus from many local restaurants which our guests can peruse. We can also assist you with recommendations if you so desire.

Q:     How much does parking cost at the beaches?


A:     The beaches on the Cape Cod bay side of Eastham, and at Eastham's freshwater ponds, are operated by the town. Parking fees are charged during the "in-season" time period, beginning the last weekend in June and lasting through Labor Day. Visit the town of Eastham website for information regarding beaches and parking fees. Eastham Beach Sticker Office (555 Old Orchard Road), less than 2 miles from the Midway. Also, if you pay for daily parking at one Eastham town beach, you can park at any other Eastham town beach for no extra charge (on the same day).


The beaches on the Atlantic Ocean side of Eastham, Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Light Beach, are operated by the National Park Service. The parking fees at these beaches are $25/day or $60/season. (The seasonal pass may be purchased at the entrance to the parking lot or at the Salt Pond Visitor Center.) People walking or bicycling in are charged only $10/day. If you have a Golden Eagle, Golden Age, and Golden Access pass, you're all set; they cover the parking fee. Nauset Light beach has a good-sized parking lot, but it still fills up fairly quickly in season. The parking lot at Coast Guard Beach is very small; however, you can park at a large lot about a half-mile up the road and take the shuttle bus to the beach for no extra charge.

Q:     Do the beaches have restrooms?

A:     On the Cape Cod bay side of Eastham, First Encounter Beach and Cook's Brook Beach have rest rooms, Campground Beach has portable toilets, and Thumpertown Beach has no facilities. Wiley Park, on Great Pond, has rest rooms. On the Atlantic Ocean side of Eastham, both Nauset Light Beach and Coast Guard Beach have rest rooms, changing facilities, and outdoor showers.

Q:     How do you pronounce "Quahog", "Eastham", and "Chowder"?


A:     Co-hog...    East-ham...    Chow-dah.

Q:     Is the area congested in the summertime?

A:     Not really. You have probably heard horror stories about how jammed The Cape is in the summer, and those stories probably are true about some areas. However, here on the outer Cape, most of the land is owned by the Federal Government and is part of the Seashore National Park. As a result, this area of The Cape is much less commercialized than other parts, and therefore less congested.

Q:     Is there any nightlife in the area?

A:     This part of The Cape is fairly quiet at night.  Those in search of a livelier time may want to drive about 10 minutes north to a popular establishment called The Beachcomber, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and features great live music nightly and a young crowd. 

Also, Provincetown is famous for its nightlife and endless opportunities to have fun times. 

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